Olive Tree Healing Arts

Create a life you love with integrative psychotherapy + soulful retreats.

Meet Karen, Psychotherapist

Restore Wellbeing, Holistically.

I believe we heal the past by learning to live fully in the present.

This is why I blend ancient practices with the latest neuroscience research to provide you with a compassionate, evidence-based approach to restore wellbeing, holistically.

Psychotherapy + coaching sessions are offered in my Bellevue, Washington office. I also offer telemedicine via Skype and FaceTime throughout Washington State and select other states. Telemedicine, also known as online therapy, is covered by Premera and Lifewise.*

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Mindfulness Rocks.

I believe in the transformative power of group learning experiences.

This is why I design and facilitate mindfulness-based workshops and retreats that teach you to build resilience, make healthy lifestyle change, and find meaning in the midst of the storm.

Workshops and retreats are offered both online and onsite at your location.

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Paying It Forward.

I believe in sharing what I know.

This is why I consult with therapists nationally about how to integrate holistic, mind-body approaches into their work with clients. It is also why I guide therapists to develop sustainable, 21st century practices that integrate personal wellbeing and the latest technologies.

Consultation is offered online via Skype and FaceTime.

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